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    Origins of Merlin: muscles and magic

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The legendary tales of the great King Arthur are known to all far and wide, but some people seem to forget that great kings are not born, they’re made. Origins of Merlin: Muscles and Magic aims to shine a spotlight on the true star of the Arthurian legends, the magnificent mage himself, Merlin!
Witness a new interpretation of Merlin’s early life in this entertaining puzzle platformer with eye-popping pixel art! 


Savage barbarians have threatened to invade the kingdom, but the only thing that can stop them is the legendary sword, Excalibur. Unfortunately the sword was locked away for safekeeping in a dangerous tower. Sounds like a job for Merlin the Magnificent! The only things Merlin has at his disposal are his wits, two hands and a unique magical talent to shapeshift into animals.


Game Features:

  • 3 hours of entertainment

  • 3 unique forms that switch up the gameplay

  • 24 mind-boggling puzzles

  • Exquisitely eye-popping pixel art and animation

  • Melodically medieval chiptune tracks

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    Origins of Merlin

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